Gage Academy of Art is pleased to announce

the 2019 scholarship winners

This year, scholarship review panels awarded more than $13,000 to new and returning students of Gage’s Capitol Hill and Georgetown campuses.

2019 fall quarter marks 27 years that Gage has awarded scholarships, which were made possible by the generosity of contributing donors from a number of organizations and foundations.

In order to qualify for scholarships, students were required to complete an application, provide samples of artwork, and complete a written submission sharing what inspired them to pursue an education in the arts. Scholarship review panels comprised of Gage faculty and guest instructors (listed below) were appointed to review submissions and select the winners.

The 2019 scholarship winners are:

  • Emma Potter was awarded the Stanley R. & Robert E. Wright Foundation for the Arts Scholarship ($1,500). Emma will be entering the Trowbridge Atelier.
  • Noah Cotter was awarded the Allan and Mary Kollar Scholarship ($1,000). Noah will be entering the Aristides Atelier.
  • Alina Xayavong was awarded the Mary Gales Scholarship ($900). She will return to the Georgetown Atelier.
  • Ashley Johnson was awarded the Dennis Evans & Nancy Mee Scholarship ($1,500). She will be returning to the Trowbridge Atelier.
  • Jackson Dargie was awarded the Jessica Harrison Belzberg Atelier Scholarship ($2,000). He will be returning to the Aristides Atelier.
  • Amy Erickson was awarded the Felix “Felis” Sanchez Scholarship ($200). Amy will be entering the Trowbridge Atelier.
  • 16 need-based scholarships awarded to participants in youth programs for the 2019 summer program from the Nancy & David Thacher Scholarship ($2,000) and the Jessica Harrison Belzberg Scholarship.

Special thanks to the 2019 scholarship review panelists, including:

Mary Gales Scholarship and Dennis Evans and Nancy Mee Scholarship:

  • Tiffany Dae
  • David Hytone
  • Kimberly Trowbridge

Stanley R. & Robert E. Wright Foundation for the Arts Scholarship, Allan and Mary Kollar Scholarship and The Felix “Felis” Sanchez Scholarship:

  • Gary Faigin
  • Al Gury
  • Eric Wert

Jessica Harrison Belzberg Scholarship:

  • Tracy Garcia
  • Bruce Harrison