Accident Report

If you or someone you know has been injured at Gage Academy of Art, please call 911 to request emergency personnel. The Gage Academy of Art address is:

Gage Academy of Art
1501 10th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98102

Additionally, please download and fill out the Accident Report Form, and return it to the main office, or email it to

Code of Conduct

Gage Academy of Art is a community of students and professionals. All persons are asked to act in a professional, respectful, courteous and civil manner.

To ensure that Gage is a comfortable, safe, and secure place to engage in artistic pursuits, the following are not permitted on premises:

  • Sexual harassment of any nature, including verbal harassment
  • Smoking, illegal drug use, and/or possession of weapons
  • Theft
  • Consuming alcohol (except at Gage-hosted events)
  • Cell phone use in a classroom or talking loudly on a cell phone outside a classroom
  • Using toxic materials
  • Animals other than service dogs
  • Unsafe or disruptive behavior (disturbing or interrupting the orderly course of instructing or creating art)
  • Threatening others physically or verbally
  • Acting unreasonably and interfering with others’ use of the facility
  • Damaging Gage equipment or property, including graffiti
  • Loitering in the building or on the grounds of Gage
  • Photographing models (nude or clothed) without their express permission

Anyone not complying with the Code of Conduct will be asked to leave the Gage premises and may be barred from future access to Gage facilities and programs.