Anatomy Lecture Series

with Mike Magrath

Wednesdays | Apr 14 – Jun 16 | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Explore a clear and intuitive method for seeing form and understanding the structure of the human body as a foundation of artistic expression, allowing for more accurate drawing and composition. Discussions include anatomical detail as to the working of bones and musculature as well as overall shapes and general principles of construction and action as exhibited on the model

Wednesday, April 14th: Bio-Mechanics and the Canons of Proportion
Wednesday, April 21st: Pelvis and Trunk
Wednesday, April 28th: Ribs and Spine
Wednesday, May 5th: Reach 1; Shoulder Girdle
Wednesday, May 12th: Reach 2; the Forelimbs
Wednesday, May 19th: Locomotion, the Buttocks and Lower Limbs
Wednesday, May 26th: Support and Manipulation; Feet and Hands
Wednesday, June 2nd: Skull; Cranium and Face
Wednesday, June 9th: Features and Muscles of the Face
Wednesday, June 16th: Features Skin and Fat

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Spring 2021


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