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Our free Teen Art Studios program has gone online! TAS can now reach farther, faster, and funner(?) than ever before!

Art by teaching artist, Taylor Dow


Starting May 8, Teen Arts Studio will be offered every Friday 6pm-8pm via Zoom.

13 to 18 year olds ONLY.

  • 6:00-6:30pm Instructor leads a check in.
  • 6:30-7:30pm Instructor leads an art exercise.
  • 7:30-8:00pm art reflection, or break out rooms.

Teen Art Studios (TAS), is a free, year-round, youth arts program that increases access to arts education for 1,500 King County youth, ages 13-18, who face barriers or limited access to creative outlets and who are experiencing homelessness, or are at-risk, LGBTQIA, underserved, or speak English as a second language. TAS offers 100% free weekly Friday evening drop-in sessions for teens. Professional teaching artists facilitate each session and introduce a new subject and medium—from drawing, sculpting, painting and printmaking, to visual storytelling, cartooning, and digital animation. 

Support from YOU will provide resources to sustain and grow TAS and ensure that TAS meets the needs of low-income youth and youth experiencing homelessness so that they experience pivotal outcomes. In addition to developing creative skills, program participants report personal growth, improved abilities to forge strong peer relationships, and self-dedication to community involvement.

What you will Need

As a youth, we expect you to show respect and follow the rules of the classroom. Please adhere to this zoom etiquette:

  • As a general rule, please use your camera and microphone. By default, to avoid excess noise in the beginning of your class, some instructors might set up Zoom sessions so that you will need to press the spacebar to talk. 
  • At the start of the class, all participants besides the instructor may be muted, please use a visual hand raise to speak 
  • Imagine that you are in a classroom on Gage’s campus and dress ready for the day!
  • Drinks are okay during Zoom sessions.
  • Please do not eat during Zoom sessions. 
  • Try to stay focused on the session and avoid other activities (checking your phone, making your cat pose for the camera, etc.)
  • Please remain stationary during Zoom sessions. (Don’t walk around with your camera.)
  • You can step away from the session if necessary.
  • If you experience technical difficulties or get cut off, try to reconnect. If you are unable to get back into the session, you can use the chat functionality to ask a question, email your teacher, text a friend or use Facebook messenger to your designated Facebook group. Each instructor may do things a little differently but we are providing all the tools to make it easy and comfortable for you!
  • Please avoid using profanity, demeaning, or otherwise abusive language.
  • Be polite and remember to play well with others.
  • When you sign into a session, you might be placed in the Waiting Room. Please wait and the instructor or monitor will admit you.

Safe Virtual Space

We want to know more about you! Please take our demographics survey before registering:

  • Only your parent’s, guardian’s, or YOUR email will be used for invitations.
  • Passwords will be needed to gain access to the meeting.
  • Students will wait in the virtual lobby (waiting room) with teachers admitting each student.
  • Sessions will be locked after the formal instruction begins.
  • Teachers will not record anything.
  • Students will not be able to use the chat feature – teachers will ask students to raise their hands to be called on.
  • All students’ audio and video will be muted to start.
  • Youth will NOT be required to have their video on. Permission from both student and instructor will be needed to unmute video. 

Support for Teen Art Studios is graciously provided by:

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