Art History
Lecture Series

The Art History Lecture Series features Gage teaching artists as well as art historians from the Seattle art community. Each speaker explores a different topic. These lectures will present an intimate look inside the artists and movements that helped shape art from the Renaissance through the 21st Century. Register for these online lectures and delve into the techniques, ideologies and personalities that define the art in our world.

All art history lectures are now virtual, and will be taking place via Zoom.

Lectures are FREE for Members and Atelier Students. 

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Fall 2020

  • Member registration opens Monday, August 3
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From Static to Dynamic: A Study in the Evolution of Movement with Tony Ryder

Wednesday | Nov 4 | 7:00pm-8:00pm

From Static to Dynamic: A Study in the Evolution of Movement. A survey of art history focused on the internal axis, straight or curved, of the human figure. The history of the development of an idea, as seen in Figurative Art
In the history of art, a basic concept of the human figure is its internal axis, an imaginary line which runs through the head, neck, trunk and limbs. It is identified with the movement and gesture of the figure. We trace the evolution of this line from Cycladic figurines (2500 BC) to the present time. Of particular interest is the development of Greek sculpture in the Archaic-Classical-Hellenistic periods (approximately from 650 BC to 200 BC), in which we see a great blossoming of naturalism that deeply informed the work of the Renaissance masters, especially Michelangelo. We follow the subsequent history of this sense of the natural, in the work of Rembrandt, Bouguereau, and Norman Rockwell. 
Anthony Ryder is the author of The Artist’s Complete Guide to Figure Drawing. He has taught workshops at the Gage Academy since 1993.

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Color, Its History, Methods and Materials in Painting with Al Gury

Wednesday | Dec 9 | 7:00pm-8:00pm

In this richly visual and informative presentation of images and color documents, Al Gury will discuss the theories, palettes, materials and the techniques of painting from the Roman World, through the Renaissance, to the present. Included will be, how colors are made, the use of color in paintings, artists palettes and processes, the cultural and theoretical context of colors and color in great works of western painting. Question and answer is encouraged.

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