Art History
Lecture Series

The Art History Lecture Series features Gage teaching artists as well as art historians from the Seattle art community. Each speaker explores a different topic. These lectures will present an intimate look inside the artists and movements that helped shape art from the Renaissance through the 21st Century. Register for these online lectures and delve into the techniques, ideologies and personalities that define the art in our world.

All art history lectures are now virtual, and will be taking place via Zoom.

Lectures are FREE for Members and Atelier Students. 

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Contrasts: An Art Primer
with Vicki Halper

Wednesday | April 14 | 7:00pm-8:00pm

Comparing and contrasting objects is a basic tool of the art historian. It is, for example, how one learns the difference between Renaissance and Baroque art, or between blown and fused glass. This discussion presents pairs of contrasting materials, objects, and subject matter, and a vocabulary with which to describe them. It is meant to sharpen observation and increase delight in the variety of things we call art.

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History of Sumi Ink Painting
with Lois Yoshida

Wednesday | May 19 | 7:00pm-8:00pm

Description Coming Soon

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The Emotions of Color
with Kristin Frost

Wednesday | June 16 | 7:00pm-8:00pm

When the restored Sistine Chapel was unveiled in 1994, visitors were shocked by the change. For centuries, people had only experienced this masterwork through layers of soot and dust. Suddenly, it was like a brand new Michelangelo had been uncovered. Color is powerful – it can shape our perceptions; delight or offend us; it can be symbolic or political. Come learn what color reveals about the purpose, process, and science of making art.

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