The works recognized in this new category can be both collaborative and individualized, community driven works that engage social-political issues and address public concern. Some of the topics addressed in this category include but are not limited to: Systematic Racism, Abuse of Police Power, COVID-19 Pandemic, Anti-Semitism, Economic Inequities, Global Warming, Universal Healthcare, Education , Labor Rights, Immigration Rights, Sexism, and LGBTQIA+ Rights.
Anita Dingrani · Christina Grachek · Treg Isaacson · Leslie Kiesler · Jaceson Mann
Jim Quatier
 · Dorothee Vandewalle · Ranjini Venkatachari · Robin Warner
Artwork in this collection is available for purchase, with pick-ups at Gage Academy of Art in Capitol Hill. If interested or for more information on artwork pickup and delivery, please contact Event & Exhibition Manager Erica LeSuer at