Best of Gage 2021 Submission Form

Thursday, June 3rd, 5:00pm PST

Artists may only submit 1 work to Best of Gage. The artwork submitted must have been created within a Gage class/workshop or as a result of one’s educational experience at Gage, and should fit the category that it is submitted under.

By checking this box, the artist acknowledges that they have read and understand the guidelines outlined above.
Please note the addition of a new category, Socially Engaged. This new category draws it’s inspiration from the term(s): socially engaged practice and socially engaged art. The works recognized in this category can be both collaborative and individualized, community driven works that engage social-political issues and address public concern. Some of the topics addressed in this category include but are not limited to: Systematic Racism, Abuse of Police Power, COVID-19 Pandemic, Anti-Semitism, Economic Inequities, Global Warming, Universal Healthcare, Education, Labor Rights, Immigration Rights, Sexism, and LGBTQIA+ Rights. This category is open to all mediums and artistic approaches.
must be 2020 or 2021
NOTE: Sculpture submissions may email additional photos of the sculpture from different angles:
List the value if the artwork is for sale. If it is not for sale, write “NFS”.
If FOR SALE, please indicate if the work is framed or unframed.
Please upload a photo of your submission. The image MUST be properly cropped, good resolution, not blurry, and color should be portrayed accurately. The image will be used on the online gallery page on the Gage website.

File name should be “lastname_firstname_artworktitle”


By signing this document, the Lender acknowledges that the work featured in the exhibition will be exhibited in an online public space, and that the Borrower: Gage Academy of Art is not liable for any damage or content downloading that may occur.


The Artwork shall be defined as any two- or three-dimensional object, either original or reproduction, to be loaned to Gage Academy of Art by the Artist or Lender. The Artist/Lender must be the legal owner of the Artwork or have written permission from the legal owner to loan said works.


The loaned Artwork must be the same as those specified in the Loan Agreement. Gage Academy of Art reserves the right to not exhibit Artwork that is not identified on the loan form. The loan form must be amended to reflect all the work chosen for exhibition. Additional shipping requirements and costs due to error will be agreed upon by both Artist/Lender and Gage Academy of Art.


The Lender agrees to waive the right to withdraw objects from the exhibition until its closing date. The Borrower reserves the right to withdraw objects from the exhibition at any time.


Unless otherwise specified, it is understood that the loaned object(s) may be photographed by the Borrower in all media, including publication on the world wide web, television and film, for publicity purposes connected with the exhibition, and other related publications, for routine education, and for registrarial purposes. The photographs will not be used for any other purposes unless expressed permission has been obtained from the Lender. If an object is labeled for display or publication, it will be credited in the exact format as it was presented.


The Lender is responsible for all incoming and return shipping/transport costs of artwork and equipment, unless alternative arrangements are made and agreed upon prior by both the Lender and the Borrower.


Artwork will be repacked for return to Artist/Lender by the same methods as received. If incoming method or materials were inappropriate, Lender will be consulted about packing improvements. Costs for packing improvements will be agreed upon in writing prior to the return of the Artwork.


a. The Lender assumes the risks of unobstructed displays. The Borrower is not responsible for content downloading. The Lender’s Artwork is not insured through the Borrower.

b.The Borrower reserves the right to inspect and interfere with any methods of installation and display that put the physical well-being of the Lender, the public, and/or members, patrons and staff of the Borrower at risk. The Borrower is not Liable for any injury/accident that could occur at the fault of the Lender. The Lender is not insured through the Borrower.


Gage Academy of Art retains a 30% commission on all Artwork sold on designated art sales dates (exhibition openings and special events, max. 25 per year), except for sales of Artwork by represented artists, which will be sold through the artist’s gallery. A split commission may be arranged through the Gage Academy of Art and the gallery. All artwork sales inquiries outside of designated art sales dates will be directed to the artist. Artists will receive their commission within 30 days of sale.