Classical Atelier

“It is craftsmanship that opens the door to self-expression. I am excited about teaching the methods from our artistic inheritance. I know that once this knowledge becomes commonplace again, it can only enrich our cultural life.”

-Juliette Aristides
Founder & Director of the Classical Atelier

Juliette Aristides by Igor Khodzinskiy

The Classical Atelier, based on time-tested studio traditions, offers the opportunity to study classical drawing and painting techniques under the guidance of Director of the Classical Atelier and Founder of the Gage Atelier Program, Juliette Aristides. 

For the Academic Year 2021-2022, Juliette Aristides will be joined by Atelier instructors Paul Rosiak, Larine Chung, and David Dwyer.

Information is presented in a variety of formats intended to enable students of all levels to grasp even the most difficult concepts. You graduate with an unparalleled understanding of the principles of art.

The Classical Atelier curriculum is designed to provide fundamental drawing and painting skills with a strong emphasis on observation from life. Like the great studios of the past, working from the human figure in life drawing and painting forms a pillar of the atelier program.

Students spend every morning throughout the year in the life room. The afternoons are spent in students’ studios working through the atelier curriculum of cast drawing, master-copy work and still life painting in a step-by-step progression. As you acquire each skill, new and more challenging projects are assigned. Aristides Atelier students are also provided additional classes in perspective, anatomy, composition, painting techniques and color theory.

Classical Atelier Curriculum Outline

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Classical Atelier Teaching Artists

Paul Rosiak
Seattle Based Artist/Instructor & Aristides Atelier Graduate
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Paul Rosiak graduated from the Aristides Classical Drawing and Painting Atelier in 2019, after which he continued studying under artists Anthony Ryder and Joseph McGurl. Before pursuing art, he studied philosophy and literature at Claremont McKenna College. In 2021, he will be attending the Hudson River Fellowship, studying plein air and landscape painting with Jacob Collins, and he will begin teaching national workshops in drawing and painting. His work has been featured in Realism Today, Artists and Illustrators UK, Southwest Art, International Artist, and Plein Air Magazine.

Statement about teaching the atelier:

I believe that everyone can learn to draw and paint and I am passionate about helping students navigate the path towards mastery.

I aim to guide and challenge students to achieve the highest level of fundamental skills they are capable of achieving. Yet, I believe that the atelier is also about far more than imparting technical skills; it encourages new, enriched ways of seeing the world, empowers creative expression, and fosters a strong sense of purpose and community.

I aim to break complex tasks down into their component parts as clearly as possible, study them individually, and then show how to integrate these skills, engaging both the analytical and intuitive sides of the brain, and tailoring my approach to the unique needs of each individual student.

My own experience as a student in the atelier and at Gage Academy was very meaningful to me, and I am thrilled and honored to now be working alongside an incredible team of artists and teachers to create a deeply meaningful educational experience for atelier students.

Larine Chung
Seattle Based Artist/Instructor & Aristides Atelier Graduate
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Larine Chung is a Seattle based artist painting in the tradition of contemporary realism. Fueled by her unyielding curiosity, Chung’s works are rooted in everyday life. Her mixed cultural backgrounds inform her art, lacing her eastern sensibility with the depiction of western motifs, presenting underlying tension of duality merging into oneness.

Chung trained in the Aristides Atelier (2006-2009) after receiving her BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Chung continues to explore the language of painting after graduation with Antony Ryder, Spanish painters Golucho and Antonio Lopez Garcia. Prior to her pursuit in art, Chung majored in Biochemistry and was trained as a classical pianist in her youth.  

Chung has had 7 solo shows thus far with an upcoming one scheduled to be held in the Chinese University of Hong Kong in spring 2022. She was the recipient of the Waterway fellowship at Studio Escalier, France, Robert DeZordo scholarship and Gregory Robinson Scholarship. Her works has been featured in American Art Collector, Leonardo art guide, (Spain), Manifest Gallery INPA9 and INDA13, King 5 Evening Magazine, Classical King FM, the Stranger, Seattle Chinese Time and Classical Painting Atelier by Aristides. Chung is also the founder of the Eastside Artists Collaborative with the vision of fostering the artistic growth for her local community. 

Teaching philosophy:

Atelier tradition is a time tested method in learning formal elements of art based on direct observation. Through systematic step-by-step teaching, in-depth analysis of master works and vigorous daily practice from life, students would learn how to use the formal elements of painting such as space, value, and color to depict the world around expressing their viewpoints in art. I truly believe that art is a language that can be taught and learned. Together with the team of excellent teaching artists at the Classical atelier, I would like to bring forth a calm and focused learning environment to aid in mastering students’ techniques and artistic vision.

David Dwyer
Seattle Based Artist/Instructor & Aristides Atelier Graduate
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David Dwyer is a 2007 graduate of the Aristides Classical Drawing and Painting Atelier at Gage Academy.  He has been involved as a teaching assistant in the program since 2008, with interest in figure drawing, still life painting, and artistic anatomy.  He exibits his work locally and nationally, has been featured in the books Classical Drawing Atelier, Classical Painting Atelier, Lessons in Classical Drawing and Lessons in Classical Painting, has participated in Frye Museum’s Remastered program and has led specialized workshops for artists and educators.  

Program Details:

Monday-Friday, 9:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Tuition: $ 8,675

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Artwork by Paul Rosiak

Artwork by Larine Chung

Artwork by David Dwyer

Artwork by Jas Knight

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