Artwork by Kai Carpenter
Drawing the Landscape
with Kristin Frost
Artwork by Gabriel Campanario
Figure Drawing
with Ryan Weatherly
Artwork by Crystal Soojeong Shin
Illustration Comprehensive
with Kai Carpenter
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Gage offers drawing classes to fit every skill level and schedule. Line, value, perspective, and expression are the tools of great drawing artists and the graphite, chalk, and charcoal on your fingertips will prove that you’re mastering them too. 

All classes are Gage 360 Online unless marked otherwise.

Classes marked with are asynchronous or hybrid. Class consists of both prerecorded demos and scheduled class meetings.

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Telling Stories With Images
with Daniel Duford

Thursdays | May 20 – Jun 17 | 1:30pm-4:30pm

This class is a mixed level course from intermediate to advanced. The class would look at different storytelling strategies from comics to suites of images to illustrated essays. The first half of the class would use short exercises to explore different media and strengths and weaknesses of each strategy. Students would then propose and develop a short project that uses pictures to tell stories. The heart of these classes is visual storytelling. This course capitalizes on the centrality of stories to shape understanding. Facts and statistics have the most power in the context of stories. The combination of images and words is perhaps a person’s most persuasive and powerful tool. Even if a student comes to class without a story in mind to tell we can draw from a well of folk stories.

As this is a studio class we will look at a lot of art work from many different times and cultures and we will draw all the time. We learn through doing. How as an artist do you generate new images? How can you trick yourself out of old habits to find new material? This course connects everyone’s innate creative spark with storytelling and straightforward drawing exercises. Oral storytelling, themed readings and image making exercises are braided together throughout the session.

Gage 360 Online

Drawing the Features of the Head
with Gary Faigin

Thursdays – May 20 | 12:30pm-1:30pm

Nothing is more emotionally compelling to observe than the human face. Magazines flaunt idealized facial beauty; Hollywood packages expressive faces for big-screen cinema; TV capitalizes on talking heads to give the facts and features of the day. Over six lectures, Gary Faigin, author of the acclaimed The Artist’s Complete Guide to Facial Expression, presents an animated discourse on the foundations of drawing the head. Drawing from models and showing slides, he guides you to a broader understanding of this fascinating subject.

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Gage 360 Online

3-D Illustration, Analog Style
with Edie Everette

Thursdays | May 20 – Jun 17 | 6:30pm-9:30pm

Artists such as Helen Musselwhite and Red Grooms know (and knew) the power of telling stories with cut paper. In this class we will use various drawing, painting and collage techniques to create 3-dimensional illustrations. Think pop-up books, shadow boxes and mobiles. We will explore the ways that form can influence narrative and vice-versa. I believe that cutting and pasting can bring out the child in us — an aspect that can truly use some creative time right now!

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Drawing Nature in Colored Pencil
with Kathleen Moore

Hybrid Class
Fridays | May 21 – Jun 18 | 10:00am-12:00pm

This class is Hybrid: The class will consist of a weekly recorded demo + 2 hours in class on Zoom (Critiques and Q&A).

Learn to bring color into your drawings with colored pencil! Somewhere between drawing and painting, using colored pencil gives you the full range of glorious color without the special equipment and, shall we say it… mess, of many other mediums! Follow along with detailed recorded demonstrations, then apply that knowledge to your own drawings! Individual instruction and constructive critique keep you moving smoothly through the process.

In this class, you will:
Plan your drawing
Learn how to choose the right colors
Learn techniques for applying the color
Learn blending techniques
Create beautiful, finished drawings
*Prismacolor Premier colored pencils

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

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