Registration Deposit
To guarantee your place in a class or workshop, please register online, in person or by phone and submit full payment. Students who would like to register with a deposit must call the registrar at 206.323.4243, x10 to enroll. Please note that this does not apply for Youth Programs; all Youth Programs fees must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Registration Fee
Students are required to pay a $10 non-refundable registration fee per program (registration fee does not apply to ateliers, lectures or Open Studio passes).

Please call the Gage registrar at 206.323.4243, x10, to enroll in payment programs, or write to

Adult Programs Terms & Conditions:

Once you have registered for your class, please take a moment to review your supply list on our website at Locate your class and just below its description you will find the supply list posted at least two-weeks prior to the program start date. If you have any questions feel free to contact our registrars at

Registration Fee
Students are required to pay a $10 non-refundable registration fee per program (registration fee does not apply to Ateliers, lectures or Open Studio passes).

Youth & Adult Transfer & Cancellation Policy:


  1. No more than one transfer per quarter
  2. $35 Transfer Fee
  3. Can only transfer between classes at the end of the business day after the 1st class, or by noon the following business day
  4. If class being transferred into is more expensive, the student must pay the difference
  5. If class being transferred into is less expensive, no credit or refund is given


  1. Credits are not redeemable for cash
  2. Credits are non-transferable to another student or family member
  3. Credits are only good for one calendar year


If Gage cancels your Class or Workshop:

  1. Option of non-transferable refund or credit for both the class & registration fee
  2. No Cancellation Fee is assessed

If Student Drops a Class or Weekend Workshop

  1. Cancels 3 weeks before class; 100% refund or credit, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $35 cancellation fee
  2. Cancels 2 weeks before class; 75% refund or credit, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $35 cancellation fee
  3. Cancels 1 week before class; 50% credit, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $35 cancellation fee
  4. Cancels at the end of the first day of class; no refund, no credit, can transfer one time with a $35 Transfer Fee

If Student Drops a Weeklong Workshop or Youth Camp

  1. Cancels 4 weeks before workshop; 100% refund or credit, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $75 cancellation Fee
  2. Cancels 3 weeks before workshop; 75% refund or credit, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $75 cancellation Fee
  3. Cancels 2 weeks before workshop; 50% credit only, does NOT include Registration Fee, plus $75 cancellation Fee
  4. Cancels 1 week before workshop; 0% refund or credit, cannot transfer


  1. Only 1 discount type per registration

*Sorry, no retro-active discounts. Discounts may only be applied to registrations handled over the phone or in person.


Youth Program Terms & Conditions:

I agree for my child to participate in the programs of Gage Academy of Art and hereby release Gage and the St. Nicholas   Building, its trustees, instructors, and employees from liability for any injury my child may suffer as a result of his/her participation.

I will sign my child in and out from Gage art workshops daily.

If enrolling a teen, I understand that my teen will sign themselves in and out and may not leave campus between the hours of 9:30am-3:30pm, this includes any breaks, lunch, etc..

I will drop off/pick up my child/teen not more than 10 minutes before or after the program, otherwise I understand that my child will become part of Gage before and after Creative Care Program for which I will be billed $80/week or $20/day.

If I, or any other authorized person, pick up my child after 5pm from Creative Care, I will pay an additional $1/min.

I will send my child/teen to Gage Summer Art Workshop with a bag lunch, beverages, and two snacks daily.

I give my child/teen permission to be on the St. Nicholas grounds and/or play in the on-site playground.

I understand that my child/teen may walk to and complete assignments in Volunteer Park/Seattle Asian Art Museum as a part of their supervised class activities.

I understand that if my child/teen exhibits aggressive or disruptive behavior, Gage staff has the right to remove him/her from the program without refund. A no smoking, no alcohol or other drug policy is also enforced.

I give permission for my child/teen and/or my child’s/teen’s artwork to be photographed and possibly published in Gage documents (including all Gage media) and other publications deemed suitable (such as City of Seattle Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs brochures, etc).

Dress Code: general summer attire with the exception of no flip flops, tube tops, or bathing suits. Kids: closed toe shoes and shorts under skirts, please.

Students under 12 years old are not allowed to be released from campus without parent or guardian supervision.

Students cannot leave campus early without written permission from parent or guardian.

Consent for Emergency Treatment

I hereby give permission that my child may be given emergency treatment by a qualified staff member at Gage Academy of Art (Gage). I also give my permission for my child to be transported by ambulance or aid car to an emergency center for treatment. In the event that I cannot be contacted, I further consent to the medical, surgical and hospital care, treatment and procedures to be performed for my child by a licensed physician or hospital when deemed immediately necessary or advisable by the physician to safeguard my child’s health. I certify that my child is covered by medical insurance for the duration of the art program that my child is attending. If my child arrives ill or becomes ill during the program, I understand that he/she will be required to be removed from the program by myself or a person as noted above. The staff at Gage Academy of Art will not and cannot administer any drugs to my child.

Our Youth & Community Manager, Andrea Goodman, will be glad to assist you should you have any questions. Andrea can be reached at: Once you have registered, she will be in contact with a detailed ‘Welcome Email’ a few weeks before your workshop begins.