This selection of drawings highlights the student work from this academic year. Our goal was to build a solid foundation in drawing, working from observation. We compliment our observational techniques with a constructive approach to better understand and solve the drawing problems of the subjects we are studying. Our emphasis is on the human form, but still life is an important part of the process to better understand perspective, the effects of light on form and a simple subject to allow us to develop our visual language.

This year posed many challenges beyond the classroom as well as within. We utilized a hybrid model of in-person and virtual learning, which included live-streaming every single one of the classroom sessions. Thankfully technology helped us surpass the threatening road blocks covid posed, but it actually opened our eyes to some tools that are most likely here to stay – such as recording lectures and demonstrations, as well as digital draw-overs, notes and edits.

Needless to say, the community aspect of the atelier is what had the most to lose – but the students showed their presence in their respective classrooms and in their hard work, that we were all in this together and persevered in the end.

I’m very proud of my group and the work that they made this year – congratulations crew!

-Geoff Flack

Ariel Alvarado · Arthur Butler · George DeVoe III · Sundee Morris · Lakshmi Muirhead · Irene Rajagopal

Artwork in this collection is available for purchase, with pick-ups at Gage Academy of Art in Capitol Hill. If interested or for more information on artwork pickup and delivery, please contact Event & Exhibition Manager Erica LeSuer at