As we witness cultural and socio-economic changes in the fabric of our society, contemporary Artists, today more than ever before, stand at the forefront of capturing this profound transformation. Recognizing that the mission of art is to embody new values and place them in circulation, Gage Academy of Art presents a new series titled
Gage Perspectives

These unique offerings reflect expanded opportunities to engage with contemporary artists and scholars on the subject of art and the artistic practice. Gage Academy of Art is bringing to the forefront a diversity of voices, cultural and historical perspectives so important to our time in this dynamic world. These unique series are free to members and include a cost effective solution where our community can pay whatever they can as a public service to our art community. All of these incredible programs are offered online via Zoom, learn how to go virtual with Gage 360 here.

New Sensibilities

Secrets to Fresh Color Theory with Michael Newberry and Gary Faigin

Thursday, August 19