Georgetown Atelier

The Georgetown Atelier is a classical drawing and painting program that also recognizes the critical role that imaginative realism plays within the classics. 

This program is taught by Tenaya Sims (ARC Salon Best in Show 2016 award), Christopher Remmers (ARC Salon 3rd Place Imaginative Realism award), Tiffany Dae (ARC Salon Finalist) and Riley Doyle (ARC Salon Finalist). At Georgetown Atelier, students first learn core subjects, such as constructive anatomy, value studies, perspective, cast drawing, etc., working from observation. Then students learn how to extend beyond observation into the inventive.  

The curriculum is divided into: Drawing, Painting I, Painting II, and Professional Development. This last pillar (Professional Development) is the culminating stage of the program, where students build a cohesive body of work under the mentorship of the instructors and cultivate their ‘inner vision’.

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Georgetown Atelier Teaching Artists

Tenaya Sims 
Artist Website

Tenaya began working in the video games industry at Crystal Dynamics (Eidos). He then attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA. After earning his BFA from CMU, Tenaya returned to the video games industry, and worked for clients such as Activision and Eidos for several years. He then left the games industry to dedicate five years of full-time study to classical drawing and painting. He attended the Watts Atelier for one year before apprenticing with Juliette Aristides for four years.

Tenaya founded his own academy called Georgetown Atelier in 2008. After seven years as an independent organization, Georgetown Atelier merged with Gage Academy of Art in August, 2016. 

Over the past 8 years, Tenaya has exhibited his work at a variety of galleries and venues, including the Salmagundi Club in New York, NY, and the MEAM Museum in Barcelona, Spain (as part of the ARC Salon), Abend Gallery in Denver, CO, and a solo show at Krab Jab Gallery in Seattle, WA. Tenaya has also exhibited  multiple times as a ‘main show’ artist of IX ARTs in Redding, PA . In 2016, Tenaya won Best in Show for the 12th International ARC Salon Competition.

Christopher Remmers
Artist Website

Christopher Remmers is a Northwest-based artist focused on classical realism and methodology. He has received extensive instruction in the traditional approaches of classical and imaginative realism. He began his formal training with California-based artist Virgil Elliot, author of Traditional Oil Painting. Having developed a better understanding of  the classical approach, he enrolled in a 3-year program with the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle under the guidance of instructor Tenaya Sims. With Sims, Christopher was able to develop a strong narrative voice with imaginative, large-scale works.

His work can be found in private collections around the world and has been exhibited through 33 Contemporary in Chicago, Abend Gallery in Denver, Corey Helford Gallery in L.A and a main show Artist @ Illuxcon convention for 3 years running as well as the ARC Salon. Currently he is an instructor at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, Wa.

Tiffany Dae
Artist Website

Tiffany Dae is an imaginative realist painter born in Hawaii to migrant parents from Cuba and India. Raised with a passion for culture and environment, she has evolved masters’ classical oil painting techniques into otherworldly and imaginative works.

Dae studied classical painting techniques at the Georgetown Atelier in Seattle, WA.  Since graduating she has been working diligently in her studio.

Riley Doyle
Artist Website

Riley Doyle (b. 1990) was born and raised in Colorado. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver for a BFA in printmaking. In 2014 he moved to Seattle to attend the 3 year Georgetown Atelier program. In the Summer of 2016 he attended the Hudson River Fellowship. In 2017 he was awarded a grant to produce large scale, multifigurative landscape compositions. In 2018 he was included in Southwest Art Magazine’s 21 Under 31 feature issue. And in 2020, he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Portrait Society of America for his painting Moment in the 202 International Portrait Competition. His current work draws from both his figurative training as well as his plein air practice. He teaches at Gage Academy in Seattle, WA, where he lives.

Fall: Start date in September.

Winter: Start date in January.

Spring: Start date in April.

Exact Start Dates TBD at instructors’ discretion. 

Tuition: $8,675

Gage Georgetown in the Equinox Studios,  (6520 5th Ave S) 
in the historic Georgetown neighborhood in South Seattle

Artwork by Tenaya Sims

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