View weekly demos sent direct to you from your instructor and learn on your own time! Asynchronous classes offer feedback and critiques either through email or in weekly zoom class meetings.

Zoom is offering several Zoom Education Webinar sessions each week for students and teachers with a live host to answer questions.
Step-by-step 1. On a computer or laptop, visit the website https://zoom.us and click “Sign up, it’s Free.” – on a tablet or smartphone, download the Zoom app. 2. Enter your email address and Activate with the email that they send you. 3. Enter your name and choose a password. 4. Next, it prompts you to start a Test Meeting. On pc or mac it will automatically begin downloading the zoom software. On smartphone or tablet, it will prompt you to download the Zoom app. 5. Install the software or app. https://zoom.us/download 6. Finally, Zoom will start a meeting for you to test your microphone. Don’t worry, ONLY YOU are in this meeting so click around and check out what features there are for you to use!
Ready to start Zooming? Follow these resources to get a high-level tour of Zoom, and you and your team will be up and running in no time.

1. You will receive meeting invites from your instructor or monitor in your email.

2. Join the meeting by clicking the Zoom link in the email.

Helpful Resources:

Zoom Etiquette Zoom is a great tool to keep you connected to your instructors, class and art community. Here are some helpful tips to make the experience great for all!
  • As a general rule, please use your camera and microphone. By default, to avoid excess noise in the beginning of your class, some instructors might set up Zoom sessions so that you will need to press the spacebar to talk.
  • At the start of the class, all participants besides the instructor may be muted, please use a visual hand raise to speak
  • Imagine that you are in a classroom on Gage’s campus and dress ready for the day!
  • Drinks are okay during Zoom sessions.
  • Please do not eat during Zoom sessions.
  • Try to stay focused on the session and avoid other activities (checking your phone, making your cat pose for the camera, etc.)
  • Please remain stationary during Zoom sessions. (Don’t walk around with your camera.)
  • You can step away from the session if necessary.
  • If you experience technical difficulties or get cut off, try to reconnect. If you are unable to get back into the session, you can use the chat functionality to ask a question, email your teacher, text a friend or use Facebook messenger to your designated Facebook group. Each instructor may do things a little differently but we are providing all the tools to make it easy and comfortable for you!
  • Please avoid using profanity, demeaning, or otherwise abusive language.
  • Be polite and remember to play well with others.
  • When you sign into a session, you might be placed in the Waiting Room. Please wait and the instructor or monitor will admit you.
For each class, you will be welcomed to a private Facebook group presented by the Gage Academy of Art 360 team! Please read before participating in this group.
🧑‍🎨This is a safe space to talk about how to be creative at home, learn online skills for art and art instruction, and get peer to peer support from other like minded people like you!
1. Your monitor/Instructor invites you to a closed private Facebook group specific for your class. 2. An invite is sent to your personal Facebook account. 3. You accept! 4. You are able to post your artwork, see your classmates artwork and comment on each other’s amazing work! 5. Your instructor can chime in, offer helpful feedback and chat with you/your classmates online! 6. You now have a safe space to share with a community of like minded artists from your class!
Please respect your class community guidelines below:
Please note the users of this group do NOT represent the views, thoughts or opinions of Gage Academy of Art. That being said, All behavior within the group needs to be consistent with the excellence and integrity of the Gage institution at the highest level of propriety and kindness. At our discretion, we reserve the right to kindly remove you from the group should any of these behaviors be seen, including but not limited to:
  • No words or images with the following:
  • No usage of middle fingers or offensive gestures
  • No underage people drinking
  • No excessive alcohol consumption
  • No smoking
  • Absolutely no pictures with cigarettes or illegal drugs in them
  • No images of people acting inappropriately, intoxicated or not in the right state of mind in anyway
  • Absolutely no illicit, provocative or inappropriate behavior that makes the audience uncomfortable
  • No racial slurs or offensive language
  • No guns or violent activity of any kind
  • No bullying or discrimination of any kind
  • No sexualizing of our brand or the word “Gage”
  • Absolutely no spamming, soliciting, promoting your business or anything outside of what this group is dedicated to be, a safe space to discuss, show, create and love each other.

In times of change, learners will inherit the earth; while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

– Eric Hoffer