Step 1

Expressive Wizard with Artistic Director, Gary Faigin

Welcome to part 1 of your art adventure!
Gage Co-Founder and Artistic Director Gary Faigin demonstrates the construction of a sly smile,  where the grin is combined with scowling action in the upper face.  It’s the expression of villains and plotters, and it’s relatively easy to turn an ordinary happy face into one with this extra twist.
Sketch the face and head of a wizard or magic professor- just add a long cape to complete the hero!
Supply List:
  • Any line drawing materials will work – felt-tip pens, pencil, or charcoal.
  • Digital artists can sketch an ordinary smile, then create an extra layer for the sly smile, allowing for a toggle back and forth to see the difference.

About the Artist

Gary Faigin, co-Founder and Artistic Director of Gage Academy of Art in Seattle, trained at the Art Students League of New York and at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris.
Faigin has exhibited widely with solo exhibitions in Seattle and Santa Fe, including a retrospective of his work at Seattle’s Frye Art Museum and the Coos Museum of Art in Oregon. A master of drawing and painting, his images typically explore his two favorite themes: altering one’s perception of the commonplace and developing mood through intense contrasts of light and dark.
Gary runs a year-round Atelier, which focuses on using still-life as a vehicle to teach the basics of representation, including value, drawing and perspective, as well as paint-specific techniques like glazing, impasto and control of edges. The Faigin Atelier is one of several ateliers at Gage:

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