Step 2

Complete the Wizard with Brett Nuckles

In this short demonstration, you will learn how to draw a cute cartoon wizard, complete with wand and spellbook. This drawing is done step-by-step with simple graphics shapes, so anyone can follow along no matter how experienced you are. Brett will be drawing and coloring in Photoshop on his computer, and you can follow along in any digital art program, or with traditional materials.

Supply List:

This drawing and coloring activity can be completed with digital or traditional materials.
  • Digital: Any digital art software on your iPad, Android device or computer will work. It’s strongly recommended you use a digital stylus rather than a mouse to draw.
  • Traditional: Pencil and paper for the line art, Colors pencils, crayons, markers or watercolor paint for colors

About the Artist

Brett Nuckles is a fantasy illustrator living in Seattle. In 2020 he graduated from Georgetown Atelier, one of Gage Academy’s seven atelier programs, where he studied oil painting. He likes to draw dragons, warriors and funny cartoons. 
Brett will be teaching a youth class, Introduction to Digital Painting, on Saturday’s from 1:30-4:30pm starting on September 19th.

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