Step 4

Magical Wand with Elijah Strongheart Evenson

You have the hero, and you painted (or drew) a scene for your adventure. Next, build a spell-binding magic wand to defeat the evil characters along your journey. If you’re drawing or painting your adventure, use this sculpted wand as inspiration for sketching out your own tool on paper!

Supply List:

  • Wooden stick
  • Gray Super Sculpey
  • 18-gauge aluminum wire
  • Masking tape
  • Shaping tool (ex: knife)
  • Water bottle 

About the Artist

​Elijah Strongheart Evenson is a Seattle based sculptor and mask maker. Elijah combines the aesthetics of a natural history museum with the vestiges of the subconscious. Following an extensive career in CGI for video games, Elijah learned to sculpt the figure from clay at Gage in 2004.  Sculpting ended up being the most fantastic experience of his life and he began devoting every spare minute he had to it.
Elijah will be teaching Beginning Figure Sculpting on Monday’s from 6:30-9:30pm starting on September 14th.

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