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This is a presentation of some of the student work from the Kang-O’Higgins (KOH) Drawing & Painting Atelier for 2020-2021. Students in the program are encouraged to follow their inspiration. The aim of the program is to identify students’ goals and needs for their work, and then provide them with the individual training they need to meet those goals.

While the program has a step-by-step observational curriculum, students are encouraged/required to create their own bodies of work. What students concentrate on in their training, and the projects they create for their individualized concept and observational curriculum, is based on their interests. In short we work towards our artistic and career goals in the most rigorous but fun way possible.

While covid forced us to get creative with our studio practice, the atelier group was very lucky to have the ability to blend in-person and remote teaching and studio practice. As the atelier leader, I am especially proud of the group’s work which has not just thrived, but excelled this year.

-Mark Kang-O’Higgins

Erin Besch · Stephen Galey · Amy Gardner · Kathryn Jones · Nancy Jordan · Britt Karhoff · Jaceson Mann
Heather Ormsbee · Jamie Rawding · Aleksandra Saronjic · Hannah Sayre · Rachel Solimeno · Po-Yan Tsang · Victoria Weber

Artwork in this collection is available for purchase, with pick-ups at Gage Academy of Art in Capitol Hill. If interested or for more information on artwork pickup and delivery, please contact Event & Exhibition Manager Erica LeSuer at