This is a presentation of some of the student work from the Magrath Sculpture Atelier for 2020-2021.

Ours is a three to four year program focused on figurative sculpture. Early students are often focused on skill building, while more advanced students are encouraged to pursue topics and subjects that are relevant to them, and develop individual work in their own personal styles and voices.

This year’s group was small but dedicated. Some of us were able to work onsite, while others zoomed in from as far away as Ohio. We learned that covid presented special challenges for sculpture. However, we were able to integrate work with live and zoom models, and  from casts and self portraiture. We found cool new tools and opportunities to broaden our definitions. Most of all, we built our practices and strengthened our community. All in all, a year of growth and adaptation. I am super proud of this group and what we were able to accomplish.

-Mike Magrath

Bill Fletcher · Peter Green · Racha Haroun · April Phillips
Artwork in this collection is available for purchase, with pick-ups at Gage Academy of Art in Capitol Hill. If interested or for more information on artwork pickup and delivery, please contact Event & Exhibition Manager Erica LeSuer at