Portrait Painting in Oil
with Aron Hart
Artwork by Aron Hart
Expressive Watercolor Portraits
with Willow Heath
Artwork by Willow Heath
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Gage offers painting classes to fit every skill level and schedule. From the classical masters to contemporary abstraction, we have the classes that build your painting toolkit as you become the artist you want to be!

All classes are Gage 360 Online unless marked otherwise.

Classes marked with  are asynchronous. Class consists of both prerecorded demos and scheduled class meetings.

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Digital Landscape Painting
with Misa Steinmetz

Asynchronous Class

This class is fully asynchronous. Misa will send students a new demo every week and work remotely to deliver students both individual and group critiques throughout the week via email.

Students will learn new techniques in digital painting and study composition, style, and color. We will study landscapes from photos and life and learn to apply what you see to develop imaginative landscape paintings of your own. Students can use either Procreate or Photoshop for this class.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Demystifying Watercolor: Color Focus
with Linda James

Mondays | Feb 22 – Mar 22 | 6:30pm-9:30pm

Learn how to make the most dynamic use of color in abstract watercolor painting. Using color theory principles, you will learn the best methods for color mixing and layering- how to mix beautiful grays, blacks and neutrals; and how to identify and replicate colors from nature or other sources. We will examine our emotional responses to a selection of paintings and delve into what makes one artist’s use of color more impactful than another. Students will be encouraged to be daring in their color expression. Basic watercolor experience is helpful. 

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Food Illustration in Watercolor
with Willow Heath

Tuesdays | Feb 23 – Mar 23 | 9:30am-12:30pm

Create a series of watercolor food illustrations of your favorite meals, baked goods, or recipes from your grandmother. Learn watercolor techniques, food styling tips, and how to illustrate delicious looking recipes from watercolor artist and illustrator Willow Heath. Take the class with a friend in New York or your sister in Tacoma, all from the comfort of your home! A wonderful excuse to finally put together that family recipe book or illustrate recipes from The Great British Bake Off. Fuzzy slippers optional.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Still Life Painting in Oil
with Michael Friel

Tuesdays | Feb 23 – Mar 23 | 6:30pm-9:30pm

In this fundamental oil painting course, learn to capture the effects of solid, reflective, and transparent forms in oil paint. Topics covered in class include include strategies in setting up a still life, and step-by-step lessons on painting textures, including fruit, bread, fabric, glass, and metal. The instructor will begin each class with a short lecture/demonstration, and devote the remainder of the class time to painting. Students should have basic drawing skills.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Watercolor Painting
with Edie Everette

Thursdays | Feb 25 – Mar 25 | 6:30pm-9:30pm

Develop an understanding of transparent watercolor that allows you to make conscious choices regarding color, value, wetness, and composition, before the brush ever touches the paper. Students will focus on awareness skills as well as technical skills.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

The Symbolism of Everyday Objects: Bosch to Vermeer
with Dr. Susan Brangers

Fridays | Feb 26 – Mar 26 | 9:30am-11:00am

Artwork: Hieronymus Bosch, Tondal’s Vision

Dutch and Flemish paintings of the Northern Renaissance and Baroque frequently delight viewers with their intimate and detailed scenes. Not as readily apparent is the symbolism of everyday objects that carried moral and religious significance. In this class, we will examine paintings by artists such as Robert Campin, Jan van Eyck, Hieronymus Bosch, and Johannes Vermeer and explore the symbolism of everyday objects.

Lecture Series
All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Flora and Fauna
with Kristin Frost

Fridays | Feb 26 – Mar 26 | 9:30am-12:30pm

Learn to paint the flora and fauna of the natural world in this relaxed and exciting watercolor class. Each week will highlight a new organic theme, including flowers, plants, birds, mammals, and sea life. Through live demonstration of transparency layering, color mixing, and textural mark making, students will build technical and expressive skills in watercolor. Composition, process, and the specific and unique details of each subject will be explored as we discover the living world together.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Design and Composition of a Contemporary Painting
with Clive Smith

Fridays | 2/26 – 3/26 | 9:30am-4:30pm

Over a 5-week period, Clive Smith will work with you on how to take various elements — the figure, still life, interior and exterior space — and bring these elements together to create a painting. Either working from life or photographs, the workshop will show you how to incorporate early sketching ideas and photo/sketch collage into the design of a painting. If you have digital photoshop skills, he will work with you individually on how to use those skills in developing photomontages into the painting. Clive will show you the tools needed to tell stories in your work by bringing and thinking about different elements into a finished painting using both universal and personal concepts. The workshop will start with a group chat and presentation talking and showing how and why contemporary artists combine different elements of the world into their paintings. From this, students will either work from one of the presented artists concepts or from ideas and thoughts of their own to create paintings. Clive will then meet and work with each student over zoom once a week to discuss their progress, help set up their home studios and guide them through the different steps and techniques as they paint. Working once a week with Clive over 5 weeks vs a 5 consecutive day workshop will give each student the time needed in-between each session to build their painting layers and be able to have him answer questions that arise as they work. Each week, all the students will be invited to a group get together to show how their work is progressing so we feel still part of a class even though we will be working remotely.

Gage 360 Online