Principles of Perspective Drawing
Lecture Series

with Gary Faigin
Thursdays | 9/24 – 10/22 | 12:30pm-1:30pm

Faigin offers entertaining online lectures via zoom for artists of all levels in this five-part lecture series reviewing the principles and history of perspective with demonstrations, drawings and images. Principles of Perspective Drawing (fall) is followed by Anatomy for the Artist (winter) and Drawing the Features of the Head (spring). The lectures can be taken sequentially as a series, or independently of each other.


Thursday, September 24th: The Basic Principles of Perspective

Thursday, October 1st: The Fence-Post Principle: The Figure in Space

Thursday, October 8th: One-Point Perspective: Retracing History

Thursday, October 15th: Two-Point Perspective: An Art, Not a Science (pre-recorded)

Thursday, October 22nd: Freehand Perspective


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Fall 2020


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