Artwork by Kathleen Moore
Creature Sculpture
with Elijah Evenson

Sculpture & Printmaking

Gage offers Sculpting & Printmaking classes to fit every skill level and schedule. There is something for everyone! Whether you are new to getting your hands dirty or a seasoned veteran practicing your craft, there is always more to learn at Gage!

All classes are Gage 360 Online unless marked otherwise.

Classes marked with  are asynchronous or hybrid. Class consists of both prerecorded demos and scheduled class meetings.

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Anatomy Lecture Series 
with Mike Magrath

Wednesdays | Apr 14 – Jun 16 | 7:00pm-9:00pm

Explore a clear and intuitive method for seeing form and understanding the structure of the human body as a foundation of artistic expression, allowing for more accurate drawing and composition. Discussions include anatomical detail as to the working of bones and musculature as well as overall shapes and general principles of construction and action as exhibited on the model.

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A Study of Extremes: Hellenistic Sculpture and Its Influence with Susan Brangers

Fridays | May 21 – Jun 18 | 9:30am-11:00am

The Hellenistic period of Greek art saw a shift from Classical sculpture’s serene perfection to studies of the extremes of human nature—of age, emotions, and desires. The discovery of Hellenistic sculpture in Rome during the Renaissance introduced new possibilities for depicting the figure in painting and sculpture. In this class, we will examine Hellenistic sculpture, its qualities, and its influence on later painters and sculptors, especially Michelangelo.

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