Gage offers workshops to fit your busy schedule. Weekend and weeklong programs available in drawing, painting, mixed media, and beyond!

Classes are either labeled as “Gage 360 Online” or “In-Person” under their date and time.

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A standard workshop will meet for the first couple hours of the day for lecture, demo and questions. The group will then break to work on projects and have lunch. Instructor will be available for questions during this time and may set up individual critiques. The group will meet at the end of the day for group critiques and share final thoughts. This schedule may vary depending on the instructor/class.

The Structure of the Figure
with Geoff Flack

Mon – Fri | Jul 26 – Jul 30 | 9:30am-4:30pm
In-Person Class

Advance your understanding of the human figure’s complex structure while heightening your ability to draw a figure from observation. This workshop is designed to bridge the gap between standard life drawing practices and anatomical studies of the figure. Working from the model you will systematically draw the figure to fit landmarks within a set proportion system. Simultaneously, you will further your understanding of the figure’s construction by breaking down the major mass concepts of the figure into geometric impressions, while rendering them as they are posed in space. Emphasis on gesture, balance and proportion will be stressed throughout to aid in the illusion of credibility posed figures. You should leave this workshop with a better understanding of the figure’s key landmarks, structural concepts and construction as well as a greater ability to render a figure from life and from memory. 

All Levels
In-Person at Georgetown Campus

Fast Figures – Expressive Sculpture Workshop
with Mike Magrath

Sat & Sun | Aug 7 – Aug 8 | 9:30am-4:30pm
In-Person Class

Figurative artists such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Degas and Brancusi all made quick studies in preparation of their larger work. They employed time honored methods to understand the figure in the round, to work out composition and for pure idea generation. The resulting figures are often appreciated as more dynamic, expressive and compelling even than the finished sculpture.  In this two day workshop we learn many of these largely forgotten approaches for thinking in clay, wax, plaster and a variety of media. We work from the model to develop quick studies that can stand on their own, or be the foundation for later work. This class is a must for serious students of the figure and a great introduction to figure sculpture for beginners.

In-Person at Capitol Hill Campus

Presence / Absence – Playing with Space in Drawing with Sofya Belinskaya

Sat & Sun | Aug 7 – Aug 8 | 9:00am-4:00pm
Gage 360 Online

Sometimes less is more – this workshop will explore the narrative mechanism of omission in drawing and the power of the open ended story. Working with graphite pencils from photographic references, students will experiment with articulating and excluding visual information. Additionally, students will be asked to consider how the quality of mark and gesture of drawing directs the narrative of the image. Students are encouraged to bring their own photographic references, and some images will be provided as needed. The class will include drawing demos, lecture and discussion of works by contemporary artists, and will culminate with sharing and critiquing projects.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Watercolor on the Move: Practical Plein Air at Bloedel Reserve with Suze Woolf

Sat & Sun | Aug 14 – Aug 15 | 9:30am-4:30pm
In-Person class

Why do people want to paint landscapes? What does a painting do that a photograph can’t? Why is watercolor such a frequent medium for these paintings? We’ll examine possible reasons, I will demonstrate some of my answers, and together we will practice some of the skills that underlie the discipline. If the weather and virus restrictions cooperate, we will move from indoor studio exercises to the most difficult and rewarding practice of all – painting outdoors from life. If it’s too inclement, we’ll discuss ways of working indoors from sketches and photos that keep the results bold, fresh and lively. 

Assuming we still must practice social distancing, we will do some initial exercises online first. If the weather is good and restrictions on city parks have been lifted, we will go on to paint outside (“plein air”).

If not, we’ll continue to work indoors and online in alternating online meeting/demo periods and personal work time during which I’ll be available to answer questions. We will regroup in the last hour of each day to discuss our progress and results. I will contact everyone signed up during the week beforehand. If we can’t go outside, have available some photos of locations that inspire you, and I will have some you can use as well. We’ll spend some time on different skills for painting from life versus photographs.

Besides continuing the work we started on session 1, I will offer some interim activities and we will rejoin each other on session 2 to make further progress.

The price point of this workshop includes entry fees to Bloedel Reserve on both Saturday and Sunday.

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Painting Foliage 
with Larine Chung

Sat & Sun | Aug 21 – Aug 22 | 9:30am-4:30pm
Gage 360 Online

Painting greens and flowers is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to spend a summer weekend while developing solid painting techniques and refining artistic vision. Through direct observation students will first learn from selected master copy, learning about formal elements such as composition, value structure and color arrangement. We will then design our own Floral/ foliage set up and apply the painting concepts we have learnt. 

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

Expressive Animals in Ink 
with Kristin Frost

Saturday | Aug 28 | 10:00am-1:00pm
Gage 360 Online

Come learn how to draw expressive animal portraits using ink pens! Artist Kristin Frost will guide you through 1-2 ink drawings of animals during this fun online workshop. Ink pens are a great choice for drawing all animals, and especially those with fur, feathers, or animated lines. You will learn many ink mark-making techniques, how to create bold compositions, and the benefits of leaving behind negative space. Come join me for this exciting exploration into ink drawing!$130

All Levels
Gage 360 Online

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